Halloween Workshop

Do you enjoy making lists?  We have you covered with this workshop.
You will be making lots of lists in this workshop.

Do you enjoy research?  We have you covered there too.
You will be looking up and explaining many facets of this season.

Do you enjoy poetry, short stories, film?  We still have you covered.
You will be exploring modern and historical aspects of Halloween.

Do you enjoy writing, painting, creating greeting cards, among other creative pursuits?
We have you covered there too–and then some.

Come play with us.  Explore as you learn.  Create as you learn.
Teach as you create.

Check out the table of contents:


One : Monsters

Two : Myths And Legends

Three : Recipes

Four : Craft Projects

Five : Costumes

Six : Decorations

Seven : Movies

Eight : Poetry

Nine : Books

Ten : Themes

Eleven : Other Holidays

Twelve : Traditions

Thirteen : Memories

Fourteen : Greeting Cards

Fifteen : Origins

Sixteen : Scares

Seventeen : Tricks

Eighteen : Treats


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